joining a franchise

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Thinking of starting a new job or business venture!  franchise companies

Well if you have a particular trade where you enjoy the type of work and in particular are very good at the job.  You should maybe look at being a new business start up or even if there isn’t the capital in your bank then a franchise option could be the one for you?  Have you ever looked into both options or have you been going to work everyday thinking that you cant possibly do that! Start a business….  Work for yourself, from home, in between taking the kids to school or even in between the other job to start with until it takes off and you know there is a market in what your trying to achieve….


there are many franchise opportunities out there but make sure if that’s what you do then you know the trade well as it can be a bad decision to input money for a skilled trade job without the the right skills….

So when you are looking for what type of business you would like to do you must check you are capable of doing the whole job as it will be your responsibility at the end of the job.  You will also need to know that there is a demand for your type of work in your area and the repeat business is an option as this could in the long term keep your advertising costs down.  ie.  Mr Jackson the aerial fitter needed to create 10 Jobs a week to make his business work as each job took anywhere between i hour and two hours to complete with an estimated profit of £40-£50 on each job, where as Mr Roberts the builder needed less than 10 jobs a year because his work tended to take 3-5 weeks to complete and he could net as much as £5000-£10000 a job in profit!  Less advertising but definitely more cash in the bank required to get himself through the outlay of materials required to complete a job.


So get your skill set, make sure there is a need for your skills and get on it! start looking for franchise options first or if the money is in the bank then start fishing around to see how much your set up costs will be and where you can obtain the work from