Car Finance Cradley Heath

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Are you searching for Car finance Cradley Heath? It can feel like a minefield trying to find yourself somewhere that you trust and a dealership that has the car you want at the price you want to pay!

We suggest doing your research, to find a garage that you feel happy with and a salesperson too, after all, they do say people buy from people.

When looking into car finance in Cradley heath, first of deciding if you need finance or you could afford to buy the car outright, if that is not an option and it is financed you need, make sure you find a good deal, some garages will do 0% interest deals or a very low APR, of course, this mainly depends on if you have a good credit rating or not.

If you find out that you have a bad credit rating, it could be more difficult to get a low-interest deal, obviously, if your credit rating is bad, you will be classed as more of high risk so interest rates will be higher.

When looking for car finance in Cradley Heath, find a company that makes the whole finance process as simple as it can be. If you have a salesperson that you can trust they will be able to focus on getting you a good deal.

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When deciding to go for car finance in Cradley Heath, make sure you can afford the monthly repayments, do not choose a car that you simply cannot afford. Also, make sure it’s practical, it is no good choosing a 2-seater sports car if you have 2 children and a dog! Make sure you are happy with the car before you sign any paperwork, take it for a test drive, make sure it fits on your drive or in your garage! They may seem obvious but not to everyone and people have been caught out by these very things!

Ghost Immobiliser Fitting Near Me

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Are you looking for a ‘ghost immobiliser fitting near me?’ If you have a highly desirable vehicle that could be prone to be stolen, the Autowatch Ghost is a trusted and worthwhile investment for full guaranteed vehicle protection.

Vehicle owners have full peace of mind knowing that they will stay safe and secure on the drive at all times. The only way a carjacker could steal your vehicle would be to tow it away… and even then, they would never be able to start it up – rendering it useless to them! There is more chance of your vehicle being left alone once they realise, they cannot start it up at all.

To complement the Ghost Immobiliser fitting, many security companies also offer GPS vehicle tracking devices which allow you to pinpoint the location of your vehicle at all times no matter where it is. If your vehicle is a keyless entry car, it makes it much easier to be targeted by thieves. It is worth considering having both a ghost immobiliser installed as well as a vehicle tracker as soon as you can, many approved dealers will likely give you a discount if you get them both done at the same time. The sooner they are installed, the sooner you will be protected.

What is a Ghost Immobiliser?

The Ghost Immobiliser fitting by Autowatch is an aftermarket CAN-bus vehicle immobiliser used in preventing car and van theft. It is a small device that once installed works requires a detailed pin code to be entered each time you enter the vehicle. This needs to be kept secret by the driver and can be up to 20 characters long. The pin code is made up of several potential buttons being used in the correct order in the car. For example, in the centre console, pedals, steering wheel etc.


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Buying a used car online

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With the current Covid pandemic most car showrooms are closed for November, so anyone looking to buy a new car can still do so but will have to do it online.

When buying a used car online there are many things you can do to get yourself a good deal and there are many plus points to buying a used car online, such as not spending your weekends traipsing around car dealerships, negotiating with salespeople, you can grab yourself a cuppa put your feet up and have a look in the comfort of your own home without even leaving your front door and without being pressured into buying.

When buying a used car online, there are many online car companies and your local car showroom will now be offering you the option to buy online now.

A reputable car garage will have checked the cars they are selling to make sure you are buying a good quality reliable car, they should have checked the cars history, condition and mileage and because by buying a used car online you are now classed as distance selling you will benefit from a 2-week money-back guarantee, this will enable you to return the car within 14 days and receive a full refund if you are not happy.

The one downside to buying a used car online means you obviously do not get to test drive the car before you buy it, but with the 14-day money-back guarantee you are given ensures that you get a full 2 week period to try it and make sure the child seats fit, there’s enough space for the dog and its harness and there’s enough space for shopping, weekend breaks and staycations.

When buying a used car online, you can still speak to and use all the knowledge of a car salesperson you can speak on the telephone or an online chat or by email, the choice really is yours.

Buying a used car online

Driving Test

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Don’t rush to get your licence. There’s no point in taking your driving test if you are not ready. You’re driving instructor will advise you when he thinks you are ready, rushing to pass your driving test will only leave you lacking the experience you really need to be on the road on your own.

After spending lots of time and hours with your driving instructor, he or she will have a pretty good idea about whether or not you are ready for the challenge of passing your driving test. If they put you forward before you are ready, this will harm their pass rate, knock your confidence and waste their time. If they think you are ready, have faith in yourself, if they think you can do it, you probably can!

Hoping for dry and sunny weather is the norm for taking your driving test but you may not be lucky and there is no guarantee with the British weather, so make sure you practice in the rain and sunshine so you feel confident should the weather take a turn for the worse.

Once you know where your driving test centre is, Make sure you have practised on all the different roads around there, try and get to know the test routes beforehand, you’re driving instructor should be able to help you with this. If you live in Dudley, stick to a local test centre so you will know the roads.

Read the Highway Code again, and make sure you are up to date with the meanings of road signs, check the latest DVLA standards of driving just in case it has changed by the time you take your driving test.

Exaggerate the mirror checks on your driving test, check them often and regularly, the examiners are trained to look out for you checking your mirrors; it certainly won’t hurt to overdo it to make sure they see you doing it.

Don’t book your driving test at a time when you have other commitments, make sure it falls at a time when you can give it your undivided attention, giving yourself the best chance of passing.

Find your local test centre in Dudley, West Midlands by asking your driving instructor, he will be able to point you in the right direction.





Bad car credit in Birmingham

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If you are thinking of buying a car in Birmingham but can’t afford to buy one outright, car finance may be a more affordable option, but what do you do if you have bad credit?

The whole situation of having bad car credit in Birmingham may be a bit overwhelming, you may feel there is no way of you owning a car due to your bad car credit but there are options and ways you may be able to find a solution when buying a car in.

The type of information that determines your credit score is as follows:

Payment History: the more regular you pay your bills on time the higher your score will rise.

Amounts Owed: the less you owe the better your credit will be.

New Credit: Do not open lots of new lines of credit, as this will damage your reputation with lenders.

A mix of credit: Car loan, Mortgage, credit cards, etc. these will all affect your credit rating.

Length of credit history: If you can consistently maintain paying over a length of time, this will help with your credit score.

The worse your credit score, the harder you will find it to get a loan, a low credit score indicates that you’re less likely to pay them back on time, if at all.

If you do decide to go for car finance, due to bad car credit in Birmingham there are a few things you will need to do, firstly you need to know your credit score, you can check with various online companies to get this, secondly shop around and do your researches make sure the car dealership you are planning to get your new car from is reputable.

Try and consider (if possible) a shorter loan period, although your monthly loan payments will be higher, you won’t pay as much interest over time. This could be crucial if you do have bad car credit in Birmingham, as your interest rates are liable to be higher.

If you have someone that would co-sign a loan with you, a friend or family member perhaps? This will encourage dealerships and banks to trust you, as they are agreeing to pay the loan if you do not.

Make sure that you can afford to fund a new car before going ahead with buying one on finance; it is only natural to want the best car you can afford but make sure you stick to a budget and don’t get tempted to buy above your means, If you have bad car credit in Birmingham, you do not want to make this worse by not paying this loan as well.

Always read thoroughly a finance agreement before you sign it, and consider all of your options before agreeing to anything.

Cars in showroom

Cars in showroom