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Buying a used car online

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With the current Covid pandemic most car showrooms are closed for November, so anyone looking to buy a new car can still do so but will have to do it online.

When buying a used car online there are many things you can do to get yourself a good deal and there are many plus points to buying a used car online, such as not spending your weekends traipsing around car dealerships, negotiating with salespeople, you can grab yourself a cuppa put your feet up and have a look in the comfort of your own home without even leaving your front door and without being pressured into buying.

When buying a used car online, there are many online car companies and your local car showroom will now be offering you the option to buy online now.

A reputable car garage will have checked the cars they are selling to make sure you are buying a good quality reliable car, they should have checked the cars history, condition and mileage and because by buying a used car online you are now classed as distance selling you will benefit from a 2-week money-back guarantee, this will enable you to return the car within 14 days and receive a full refund if you are not happy.

The one downside to buying a used car online means you obviously do not get to test drive the car before you buy it, but with the 14-day money-back guarantee you are given ensures that you get a full 2 week period to try it and make sure the child seats fit, there’s enough space for the dog and its harness and there’s enough space for shopping, weekend breaks and staycations.

When buying a used car online, you can still speak to and use all the knowledge of a car salesperson you can speak on the telephone or an online chat or by email, the choice really is yours.

Buying a used car online