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Ghost Immobiliser Fitting Near Me

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Are you looking for a ‘ghost immobiliser fitting near me?’ If you have a highly desirable vehicle that could be prone to be stolen, the Autowatch Ghost is a trusted and worthwhile investment for full guaranteed vehicle protection.

Vehicle owners have full peace of mind knowing that they will stay safe and secure on the drive at all times. The only way a carjacker could steal your vehicle would be to tow it away… and even then, they would never be able to start it up – rendering it useless to them! There is more chance of your vehicle being left alone once they realise, they cannot start it up at all.

To complement the Ghost Immobiliser fitting, many security companies also offer GPS vehicle tracking devices which allow you to pinpoint the location of your vehicle at all times no matter where it is. If your vehicle is a keyless entry car, it makes it much easier to be targeted by thieves. It is worth considering having both a ghost immobiliser installed as well as a vehicle tracker as soon as you can, many approved dealers will likely give you a discount if you get them both done at the same time. The sooner they are installed, the sooner you will be protected.

What is a Ghost Immobiliser?

The Ghost Immobiliser fitting by Autowatch is an aftermarket CAN-bus vehicle immobiliser used in preventing car and van theft. It is a small device that once installed works requires a detailed pin code to be entered each time you enter the vehicle. This needs to be kept secret by the driver and can be up to 20 characters long. The pin code is made up of several potential buttons being used in the correct order in the car. For example, in the centre console, pedals, steering wheel etc.


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